We produce framing and woodworking machines since 1986 in the same facility, near Venice, Italy. You can find our products in 65 Countries in the world.

In 2008 we started up our multi material cutting machines program.

We created world record machines that solve your problems and offer to you the chance to cut faster and better than your competitors. It means we deliver competitive advantages: cut materials the competitors of yours can’t! If they can, cut faster than them! If you are a professional you need professional machines to be leader!

Gladium + Rebel motor saw is able to cut what is impossible for competitors’ cutters: plexiglass 10 mm. (0,39 inches) in a stroke only, MDF 10 mm. (0,39 inches) in a stroke only and many others. Gladium (model Universal) cuts up to 20 mm. thick (0,78 inches) in a stroke only. Ciak (model Power) is the only horizontal multi material cutter in the world able to cut 20 mm thick (0,78 inches) Gladium machines + Rebel motor saw can cut three 3 mm. PVC sheets (total 9 mm. /0,35 inch) in a stroke. Traditional machines need different strokes and some efforts to cut each sheet.

Our machines cut glass also, they create carton customized boxes and square sheets thanks to their modular concept. They are open projects so we keep to add new options and ideas to the original concept.

We design options for left handed, we offer some kits to adjust the machines to your working style and to the materials you have to cut. We do it just for you.


We made of innovation our first engagement: the first electric framing machine and the silicone glued vnails sticks in 1989. The first Four Heads machine, in 1992 (to assemble four corners of a frame by a single stroke). At the 2000 edition of Saca Fair Gielle showed Smart, the only portable professional framing machine. The Arrow machine, for framing and woodworking markets, was designed in 2004. The same year started the serial production of Poker, professional samples moulding cabinet, the first to use exclusive sliding noiseless panels.

The year after we set Cornici Point, the best Italian framers’ shop net with an advanced franchising-like marketing program.

New exclusive wrapping paper and Pop Art paper in rolls for the back of the frames in 2005.

In 2008 started the multi material cutting program. Gladium was the first vertical machine. In 2010 we added Rebel electric circular saw that makes Gladium the only machine in the world that can work as a traditional knife-cutter and as an electric one.

In 2011 we added Gladium MaXXI, in 2012 the model Universal, the first machine able to cut up to 20 mm. thick.

The first Ciak machine was sold in 2015. Today there are 28 different models and sizes (including the North American edition) and many optionals. The on-demand-project, born with Gladium, was pushed to the limit with the modular structure of this machine. A revolutionary design-driven concept set Ciak at the top in the horizontal cutting machines market.