Gladium is a modular project. The heart of the product is to be versatile and adaptive to many different business.

Here below a selection of various options

Passepartout cutter and window maker

Gladium can be a 45° carton passepartout cutter. It is a manual process that is possible thanks to our passepartout kit.

The advantage is the fact you can produce passepartouts against the wall, saving pace.

The other advantage is that, thanks to the electric option “window maker”, it is possible to produce MDF raw passepartouts that can be decorated and customized saving money and offering an exclusive product.


mdf cut

Rebel electric saw

Rebel saw is the main option in Gladium program.

It allows to GO ELECTRIC!

cut plexiglass

V Rebel saw

V Rebel allows the operator to Vcut forex or dibond sheets. It is possible to Vcut up to 3 mm. The advantage is that the electric tool makes a perfect cut compared to the manual Vcut that is a manual operation. If you need an accurate “V”, go electric!

There are three models: for Gladium, MaXXI and Universal.

Milling kit

Gladium can be a milling machine too. Choose the depth you need and mill your panel as in the video here below thanks to the milling tool option. Available for the owners of a Rebel electric saw.

mdf milling

Back stand

The stand allows the machine to stand in the center of a room, not only against the wall. To fix the machine to the wall is usually the best solution (overall measure is about 75 cm.) but sometimes it isn’t possible. This option allows to use all the room’s surface to place the machine.

According to safety rules the stand has to be fixed to the floor by the red piece in photo to avoid machine’s overturning.

substrate cutter

Left/right extension

Do you need to cut large panels with vertical Gladium multi material cutter? The extension is the optional you need. You can order it as a left extension or as a right extension and set on the machine. Available the two extensions kit. Also available in the Black Carbon Edition.

forex cutting machines