F1000 Arrow, simply the best machine in its category!

F1000 and F2000 Arrow:

Overall dimensions: 52X37X43 cm.

Weight: 28 kg

Maximum height of mouldings: 11 cm.

Maximum width of mouldings: 11 cm.

Wedges size:

F1000 5,7,10,12,15 mm. FLX type

F2000    7,10,12,15 mm. FL2 type

Air consumption/ per 5 bar in nl: 2,7

pneumatic underpinner



Arrow framing machine makes any traditional pneumatic machine really uncomfortable to work with. It is the only machine that allows to change the vnails height in the loader without changing the matrix or the levellers in the loader. No more small parts lost and fast changes of vnails.

A special knob-driven mechanism makes simple to lift and lower the loader: the operator has only to pull out the wedges of a size and set the needed ones of a new size.

The other main features are: loader pneumatic opening and closing movement, horizontal frontal clamp and vertical pressure arm.

Uno speciale pomello permette l’immediata messa a misura del caricatore con una semplice rotazione. Apertura pneumatica del caricatore, blocco orizzontale (clamp) e verticale delle cornici.


frame assembling machines


The great success of this machine comes from its plan. In the beginning we wondered what the framers need and the market didn’t meet totally or partially. Each machine on the market needed something: it was able to assemble large mouldings but overall dimensions were bulky. It hasn’t a frontal clamp, the 90° square sliding wasn’t smooth or the hammer cylinder power wasn’t enough. All of them required some operations or tools when the operator needs to change the wedges size. The shape of the case was always very simple!

Is the “Perfect Machine” an option we can pursue- we wondered-? A machine that solved any issue in its plan, that was the best at the state of art.

frame assembling tool



We loved any working day it tooks to set up prototypes that we improved step by step. We met issues with the new concept of the loader, the heart of the machine. The operator was able to lift and lower it but dust, glue, metal or wood scraps could make it bend during movement. Moreover we needed to take up any slack to get a perfect mechanism able to guarantee precision (the average vnail thickness is 0,31 mm,). The result was a small overall dimensions machine but capable to frame very large profiles (about 30% more than competitors’ machines in its category). The other main features are written above. In the end the case shape is an unique concept in the market: it is a brand itself that communicates the value of Italian design for export.

frame assembling machine