Ciak Power

Ciak is a 100% Made in Italy design-driven concept.

They aren’t only a typical Italian-looking professional tabletop cutters; it is a system also where all the options, all the ideas are linked to another. That’s what we think design is: an open project that grows step by step with our ideas.

International Community

The open source project allows many contributions by users and designers located in different parts of the world.
Each one shares his experience in order to add to the project many new ideas. That’s a key-point in our developing philosophy.

New Top Machine

Ciak table top cutters will be the new standard for the next years in their category.
It’s a new product really updated with technology and mat black racing look, like racing cars.
We make the difference with the technology; the agressive look of the machine shows that.

Models, Sizes, Options: Choose Your Own Ciak

Two models, Ciak Professional and Ciak Power, seven different sizes each, many options to make the tabletop cutters be a squaring machine, a glass and mirror cutting machine etc. Ciak can be used as an independent unit or clamped to a table.

Each option increases the value of the machine and the ROI. More options mean more services to the customers, more earnings and the possibility to pay back the machine faster.

Taylor Made

We care for our customers. So we designed a special blade holder for left-handed operators because we want all the operators work comfortable.
We think it’s not enough to supply standard tabletop cutters. That’s why we produce taylor made options and machines on request.

Factory Settings

Gielle Customers can ask for special factory settings (the sliding trolley, the side lifters adjustment) when they order. It’s not the same if the tabletop cutters are used by a thin woman or by a tall man: we can set the moving parts accordingly.

Moreover, Ciak  can be set by the operator too. See in the area “secrets” the adjustments in order to change factory settings to work with special materials.

Ciak Power tabletop cutters can cut up to a depth of 20 mm. WORLD RECORD

The second main innovation are the two independent displays that guarantee uncomparable control during cutting operations.

Display 1: the gear inserts the blade “all inside” the material: that means safety for the operator, no blade deflection and more cutting power.

Display 2: hard steel depth regulator with very strong blades makes the cut always perfect.

How it works

Setting the gear

There are two adjusting levers in the trolley: the gear sets the blade position from 5 mm. to 20 mm. To cut a 5 mm. thick forex, set the blade on the “5” position. The blade will be 6 mm. out, enough to cut without bending! Ciak Power: no effort in cutting!

Table top cutter Ciak


After setting in the needed position the gear lever it’s the moment to use the 0-24 display. 

To make the one-shot cut, set it on “20” thanks to the steel teeth indicator and cut.

To make a multiple shot we advise to make the first cut at 2 . Then place the indicator on the 4 level and so on. The quantity of the cuts will depend by the material. Ciak Power doesn’t need any hand pressure on the trolley. All the energy is in pushing, allowing incomparable performances!

table top cutter

After cutting

By touching the optional “Blade Unloker” the blade holder returns to zero position, ready to cut a new material.

Technical features

  • Ciak Power tabletop cutters is designed for use as a portable unit or set on an existing working table.
  • Gielle supplies customized supporting bars and working stations on request.
  • Two full length special rubber gripping strips ensure all work is clamped when cutting and protect the material being cut.
  • Straightness accuracy: the machines comply with EN 12020-2.
  • 18 micron black anodized aluminum bar for long time good look and function
  • Two in-profile-integrated sliding guides
  • Cutting blade fast change
  • Minimum maintenance and dust free operations
  • Adjustable sliding trolley: long time high performances
  • Gielle racing design: the perfect Italian design!
  • On demand project concept: buy only the package you need when you need it! If your needs will change, your tabletop cutters will change too thanks to many options and customized tools to add value to your job. Your Ciak is taylor-made for you: if you are left handed, or if you are tall and heavy, Ciak can be set the way you prefer to guarantee your comfort.