Rebel saw’s circular blade 

Gladium uses circular blades to cut and mill in electric mode.

It uses also customized circular blades to Vcut.

Gladium 155 and Gladium MaXXI use the same circular blades to cut up to 12 mm.

Gladium Universal uses a larger blade to cut up to 20 mm.


plexiglass machine

Open blades

Open are suitable in Gladium 155, Gladium MaXXI, Ciak professional.

Use Gielle genuine blades for the best performances, for your safety and to make your machine last for long time.

Genuine blades are Made in England top quality ones.

forex blade

Power blades

They are suitable in Gladium Universal and in Ciak Power machines. Top quality made in England INOX blades, they guarantee high performances. They are larger and thicker than the standard Open ones.

substrate blades

Dibond/ plexiglass blades  

To score dibond and plexiglass use our special blades. Their thickness helps to scoreperfectly the material.

cutting dibond

Glass wheel

The glass wheel cuts glass and mirrors. The high quality of the wheel make it last a long period. It is possible order the wheel only or the whole kit as in photo.

The wheel is suitable in all Gladium models and in Ciak Professional too.

glass cutting