Use Ciak genuine blades, spares and options.

If not, the warranty won’t cover your machine anymore.
Poor quality or not genuine products can damage your machine.


Ciak program includes many professional options able to help the operators to do more with their multi material cutters!


The Ciak Open Concept is highly adaptive to market tendences.

If you buy a traditional machine you can’t add any new feature to it: if market asks for 20 mm. thick sheets you can’t cut. If you are asked to cut and finish, for example, dibond professionally, you can’t. If new materials come into the market as best sellers you need to buy a new machine. Nobody knows the future but Ciak does! We are cutting thousands of seets everyday. As soon as a new tendence or a new material comes to the market Ciak modular concept can add an option to cut it. Ciak is an open project: we offer new options every year to cut thicker and faster or to cut new materials. All the accessories work on a bar that is always the same, so it is possible upgrading Ciak Professional by purchasing a Power trolley to cut thicker sheets up to 20 mm. (world record). Or you can upgrade your Ciak Power by purchasing Professional trolley to cut glass, dibond, to make boxes etc. Can your machine to do that?


Ciak can square panels thanks to this option.

Our square is a professional tool for the following reasons:

  • The red sliding junction is 10 cm. long to make a perfect right angle between the square and the machine. Longer is the junction more accurate is the squaring.
  • It is fixed by two knobs to get perfect balance: a knob only wouldn’t be enough to guarantee it.
  • A device set under the square allows to work perfectly thicker and thinner sheets.
  • The milling on the top allows to set an optional sliding stop on the square. It works together with a special square to make possible fast serial jobs.


To increase the performances of Ciak multi material cutter’s squaring kit we studied a new option: the second square.How does it works?

  1. Setting the two squares on the working table the operator can fix the needed cutting measure.
  2. by fixing the stops at the beginning of the working serial there’s no need to calculate the measures again and the serial job is faster and simple compared to using a single square.
Screenshot_20180613170442 (1)


Ciak machines’ design is based on the comfort of the operator!

Ciak Professional can be equipped with a blade holder studied for left handed operators. It has a magnetic assist to keep the blade always in the correct position.
We advise customers to ask to the reseller for a left handed blade holder at the moment of the Ciak Professional order.

Not available for Ciak Power machines.



Ciak Professional can be a glass cutter too in a few seconds.
It is possible to order:

  • the complete glass cutter kit, as option of the Ciak Professional machine only, not available on Ciak Power.
  • a part of the kit, as spare part
  • the cutting wheel only, as consumable.

Remember always that glass cutter kit doesn’t cut the glass but scores it. See our videos and read carefully Ciak instruction manuals in order to use your Ciak at its best!


Bazooka rigid telescopic case is suitable for Ciak Professional and Power, model 80 and 105. It contains the multi material cutter and some options too, allowing the operator to keep with him the machine and the options in a proper case.


Create your own single or double wave on-size-boxes!

Each shop, each company, small or big, need to produce on-size-boxes and ship it fast but they don’t know how to do that. And they can’t call a supplier to order a piece only! Ciak helps them to solve the problem. The MAGIC BOX option, together with the standard blade holder, allows you to make a perfect job with your Ciak Professional. The optional head makes the fold, the standard one cuts the box on size!


It allows to adjust the machine to different materials according to operator’s working style.

  1. The Allen key regulates the friction of the trolley. Choose your working style!
  2. The wrench regulates the friction of the side lifters
  3. The last one is needed to increase or decrease the depth regulator if needed when cutting hard sheets.


Ciak machines are the only ones in the market offering a proper kit to cut dibond. By using the kit the operator gets a perfect, not waved and edge-finished sheet. The complete kit includes a special blade holder with magnetic assist to score the sheets, a professional finishing tool with its high resistance blade and 25 top quality blades to cut dibond.

Great cost-effective product to cut professionally dibond sheets.


Maximize your cutting performances: add professional side lifters to your machine! Lift the bar, lock the sheets in position and cut! Use their friction adjustments to get down the bar softer or harder as you prefer. High performances open up new business opportunities!

Side lifters can be permanently fixed by screws to the working table and connected to the machine by a mechanism included in the kit.


Removable kit allows to set the machine on the working table. After the working session the machine can be unlocked from its positiona and used as a unit.


Removable kit allows to set the machine on the working table. After the working session the machine can be unlocked from its position and used as a unit. These professional clamp are top quality product: very strong, they can fit almost any working table